Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Simply Extraordinary

Music I'm Listening To: The washing machine.

Yes, the washing machine. With clean water in it, and my family's clothing, and sheets that will go on familiar beds in dry, bright rooms. Soon there will be soft, fragrant towels for bathing, and warm afghans for curling up in front of the TV or for settling in with perfect, beautiful books.

There is food in the fridge, and the tall oaks still stand in the yard. 

I will start a new job soon, too: a perfectly ordinary job, with average pay, good benefits and a short commute.

I look at the news, and I give thanks.

Comment from alphawoman1
9/28/05 2:20 PM
You are a talented writer!!!

I too hope to start a new job in the very new furture. I have spent six wonderful weeks reading!! And reading! I just finished "Up from Orchard Street" byElanor Widmer. The tears have finally dried on my face. I'm going to the library and checking out books now rather than purchasing.

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