Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Golf Joke

Wife is sitting all alone in the kitchen, mad as hell, pacing the floor, trying to keep dinner warm. Hubby was supposed to be back from golfing hours ago, and he hasn't shown up or even called. Finally, Hubby drags himself through the door, rumpled, dirty and totally exhausted. Wife takes one look at him and forgets all about dinner.

Wife: "What's happened? Are you OK?

Hubby: "I am, but it's been one hell of a day. On the third hole, a freak storm blew up. Lightning came out of nowhere and ... well, it hit Bob. He's dead.

Wife, horrified: "Oh no! That must have been horrible!"

Hubby: "It was. All day long, it was hit the ball, drag Bob ... hit the ball, drag Bob ... "

Comment from b4i8clover
10/19/05 10:14 PM
This sounds like a good sequel to 'Weekend at Bernie's'. Poor Bob!
Bon & Mal

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