Monday, November 28, 2005

Bring it

Every week, Bon and Mal at Of Mice and Puzzles produce one of these fiendish Soduko things: Sunday Puzzle. Every week I promise myself I'm going to learn how to do these, and every week I don't actually get around to it.

Well, this time I'm ready for 'em, because I found Soduko Shack. It has instructions simple enough even for me, tips, and even a cheat thing that provides solutions. Highly recommended.

Updated Nov. 28:
OK, so I've officially embarrassed myself. I didn't see the solution coming, I swear. LOL
Thanks, Bon and Mal, for the props and for being such great friends! You da best. :-)

1 comment:

Bon & Mal Mott said...

We're sorry. We should have made the instructions clearer. We shouldn't assume that everyone knows how to solve them.
Woohoo! We made our first valid blog link! The ol' brain cells aren't all jelly yet! We're off!
Bon & Mal