Monday, June 26, 2006

Chatty Caddy

Fresh from the Patent Office to a road near you: Car-to-Car Chit Chat.

"How often have you been driving and wished you could communicate with another driver? Perhaps you'd like to give them advance warning that you intend to slow down, say thanks when they have given way or issue a gentle rebuke for some lapse of road manners on their part.

"Sony is patenting a simple way to make this possible ... "

All together now, everyone who thinks this system would be used to say Thanks, please raise your hands. OK, now let's see hands if you've witnessed a "gentle rebuke" any time within the past decade. Anyone? Anyone at all?

Oh, this is so not a good idea.


Julie said...

This is so not a good idea! The only time I would see this as being helpful, is if you were traveling with a convoy of other people in different cars...BUT, this is why we have cell phones, and they are enough trouble and distracting as it is! I so not want a call from a complete stranger telling me about my driving. Sure, they could alert me if my skirt was caught in the door, but a simple pointing motion to my car door is efficient enough for me. Other finger gestures..well, it happens--I would rather see those then having it yelled at me.

Bon & Mal Mott said...

We think Stinger missiles would get the message across more forcefully. And there's nothing wrong with the time-honored upraised finger. This system will just increase accidents and road rage.