Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thanks :-)

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. It's been over a month since since I've been here, because I haven't been able to face seeing "I am 55" in writing again. I think I'm done sulking now.


Looks like everybody else has been busy. Everyone who ever blogged there seems to be hanging paper lanterns and putting out the bean dip for the party brewing on AOL. Groovy is crossing swords with both the PTA and the Pirates of the Caribbean. Bon and Mal are even writing a cool, scary novel called--evocatively enough--Dark Rambler. (Read it with the lights off.)

And me? Welllll. I turned 55. Did I mention that?

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Bon & Mal Mott said...

It gets easier, Vicki, well, at least it does if you think about it as an occasion deserving of celebration simply because you managed to make it that far. We always try to do it up in style (a bit belatedly this year, but there were those circumstances.)
Wear those double 5s with pride.
We thank you again for the plug for our modest effort.

Bonnie and Walt