Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring cleaning

Looks like my office isn't the only thing in need of a good pitch-'n-ditch session.

I happened to click on my name in a comment I left on an AOL journal, just to see what happens these days when you do that, and was shocked to find a list of five - count 'em, five - journals that I don't use and barely remember having.

The main one was the old pre-Exodus Maraca. One was Bloggy Goodness, a sub-journal for Maraca, linking to other AOL journals.

One was called Pocket Change, for investing and saving ideas and related links I wanted to keep handy.

Two were private, with no readers allowed: Experiments, for trying new features without the risk of demolishing a real journal, and Midnight Maraca for the dark, introspective crapola and stream-of-consciousness writing that nobody needs to see. (Hence the plural, "mymaracas". Just FYI.)

Five. And that's just for one screen name on one service. There may still be others out there, if memory serves. So what's up with that? What the hell is wrong with me? Am I the only one does this?

Anyway, here goes. I'll move over a post or two and links I want to save, and then I'll delete whatever's left. I think I'll hold on to the old Maraca on AOL though, mostly because I'm too lazy to wade through it. Maybe revamp it as an archive/landing page.

While I'm at it, I have noticed that a number of linked journals on this blog have stopped working. Others have been abandoned or gone private, or the owners no longer keep in touch. I'm keeping the list on my computer, but the links are going bye-bye. (If there's anybody out there who'd like to be linked, please say so.)

Wish me luck.

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