Saturday, March 31, 2007

Your cat wants you to read this

As housemates of a beloved orange tabby named Gatsby, we've been following closely the recall news on poisoned pet food. Fortunately, the Gat Cat won't eat wet food, so unless it shows up in IAMS dry kibble he's probably OK.

However, now there's this: Cats May Be at Greater Risk in Pet Food Recall.

The article quotes Steve Hanson, director of the ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center as saying, "Cats are very sensitive to many different chemicals, whether drugs, pesticides or plants. We certainly know they have some unique physiological responses that make them susceptible in cases where we wouldn't expect it in other species."

A quick Google search also turned up Ten Tips for a Poison Safe Household at the American Cat Fanciers Association web site.

If you have pets of any kind, you may want to check out those links and take down the number for Animal Poison Control, open 24/7: 888-426-4435. (They do charge a $55 consultation fee, FYI.)

Your cat will thank you. Well, maybe your cat will thank you. If he's in the mood.

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