Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Baubles, bangles and beads

In browsing around on the Web, I happened on an MSNBC video in the "Making a Difference" series that simply blew me away. It's about an outstanding oganization called Beadforlife.

In a village in Uganda, we see women in extreme poverty, raising children alone due to the depradations of war and HIV; we see women who eke out a living breaking rocks for a dollar a day. And yet, in their down time, they create these incredible beads out of anything paper they can get their hands on.

The founders of the nonprofit, Ginny Jordan, Torkin Wakefield, and Devin Hibbard, brought the beads back to the USA and showed them to friends, who were equally touched and amazed. The group now hosts bead parties and an online store, pays the beaders fair trade prices, and donates the profits to community improvement projects in Uganda.

One look at the smiles on all those faces, and you'll be sold. Check it out and buy yourself a necklace or two. You'll feel beautiful.

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