Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fat cat blues

Behold Gatsby, AKA "His Plumpness".

The vet suggested, rather pointedly, that Gat Cat needs to shed a few pounds. And we're not talking pounds of hair.

This boy's feed bowl has always been kept perpetually full, which was (obviously) a mistake on our part. So now he gets a reasonable scoop of diet food in the morning and another in the evening, and that's it. It must seem like a cruel and incomprehensible twist of fate to a kitty who do love his kibble.

All in all, he's adjusted pretty well and is slimming down slowly. But he really, really wants that bowl filled on time. He launches a full-throated beg fest as soon as I start working in the kitchen. Having two kids and a husband, I'm pretty much immune to that. However, when he stands up on his hind legs and sinks his claws into my behind, that does get my attention. I can only hope the others don't pick up on that trick.

No point here. Just sharing.

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