Friday, July 27, 2007


Ya gotta love it when money falls out of the sky.

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #176 was to "Tell us of one piece of culture -- book, movie, album, painting, play, architectural 'masterpiece,' whatever -- that you think is wildly overrated."

I was just over at Carly's blog, Ellipsis, where she posted an excellent response naming the movie "Dune" as the worst-ever film adaptation of a book. (I wholeheartedly agree.)

That got me thinking about whether my hubby might like a set of Frank Herbert's books, "The Dune Chronicles" -- most definitely NOT overrated. Which reminded me of the old copy of "The Dune Encyclopedia" I picked up for 50 cents at a library sale.

All of which led me to, where I discovered that my Encyclopedia, the hardcover 1984 Book Club Edition, is worth around $90 to $125. And to think, I very nearly re-donated it to the library last week.

Carly girl, I owe ya one.


Carly said...

Oh Vicki :)

What a wonderful surprise! I am thrilled that you made such a fantastic discovery! :) That makes me smile. I chose to write about how poorly Dune was adapted into a movie, because it always sticks in my craw when Hollywood ruins great literature. As much as I love Johnny Depp, the movie "Sleepy Hallow' had nothing to do with the great work by Washington Irving. LOL. But wouldn't it be fabulous to find a first edition Washington Irving tucked away? ;) Good for you darlin!

Hugs, Carly :)

Carly said...

PS Give me a few minutes and I will link to your entry on Ellipsis. :)


Paul said...

So, are you going to sell it?

MyMaracas said...

Thanks, Carly :-)

I agree about the Sleepy Hollow movie too. I came out of that one moaning to anyone who would listen.


MyMaracas said...

Hello, Paul! Thanks for stopping by.

Yes, it's for sale. Let me know if you're interested.


Tammie Jean said...

What a cool surprise! Makes me wonder if I have any treasures on my bookshelves...