Sunday, July 01, 2007

Night of the Strawberry Moon

Did you see this last night? The Strawberry Moon, known also as the Rose Moon, for obvious reasons? It was a sight to behold, it was, a rare event when the moon draws herself near to the earth and shows her true colors.

Scientists say it's an optical illusion, but I'm not so sure. I think the moon, once in a while, drops her grey veil for a few hours and dances in red. It's a reward for those wise enough to look up.

*No. Not really.


Tammie Jean said...

Was this viewable from everywhere? My husband and I were at the drive-in movies on Saturday night, and I definitely saw the full moon rising over the trees, but I didn't see any colors :(

MyMaracas said...

Mea culpa, Tammie Jean -- it's just a prank. There was so much hooplah about the full moon this week, and I ran across this false color photo at NASA while I was researching it, and well ... yanno. Couldn't resist.


Indeterminacy said...

You had me fooled too! At first I was sorry I missed it. At least I've seen a couple of cool eclipses.