Thursday, August 30, 2007

Be afraid

Earlier this week, baffled scientists reported the discovery of an enormous void in space, a vast area of seeming nothingness embedded in the sea of stars.

Some of us -- I'm not saying it was me -- leapt to our feet and babbled something embarrassing about aliens and a cloaking device.

Then there was an eclipse of the moon. You don't have to see many B movies to know They use those as cover for invasions.

And now there are unsettling reports from Tawakoni State Park in Texas of a truly massive spider web. We're talking a 200-yard web blanketing the area. One ranger says it looked like fairyland at first, but now it has caught so many millions of mosquitoes that you can hear them all screaming. And here's the thing: Entomologists don't know what kind of spider would be doing this. So why can't they identified the little beasties? Can they not see them?

Coincidence? I think not.

UPDATE, AUGUST 31, 8AM: The morning news featured The Web. There were photos of the "spiders" but still no identification of the species. An observer at the scene said they appear to be working together: "There is a definite feeling of community in there."

Not good. Not good. Not good.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Where's the raid? Wait. I forgot -- that was in my old life when I didn't care about All Creatures Great & Small. Well, I cared, but mostly I was scared. Now I wouldn't kill, err, a spider.

MyMaracas said...

Welcome, friend.

Admirable sentiment. I too try to kill as few of our fellow critters as possible, but there is a limit, yanno?

I'm curious. What happened in your life that changed your attitude?

Carly said...


I started off laughing, and "now I am quaking in my stylish, yet afforable boots!" I have to learn to do my blog jogging by the light of day! Tee Hee. Another gem darlin. :)

Always, Carly

Tammie Jean said...

Scary!!! (And like anon, I don't kill stuff either).