Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Revenge is sweet

News item: Woman, 75, fined for hammering Comcast office. Fed up with no-show technicians, permanent on-hold status and lousy service, one little old church-lady lost it. She marched into a Comcast office and went to work on their equipment with a hammer.

"I smashed a keyboard, knocked over a monitor ... and I went to hit the telephone," Shaw said. "I figured, 'Hey, my telephone is screwed up, so is yours.'"

I can relate.

After almost three weeks of Comcast internet connections that were sporadic at best, six phone calls, one missed (he came early) and two no-show technical appointments, we finally seem to have the problem resolved. For now.

For this, I'm paying $45.95 a month? Needless to say, I'm shopping around for a new carrier.

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