Thursday, April 24, 2008

Aw shucks, I'm blushin'

What a nice surprise! I stopped in at Kiva's Eclectic Granny, as I often do when I'm looking for great posts to read, and discovered she'd given me this cool award. Coming from her, this is indeed an honor.

If you haven't been by there, please go. Her blog is a wonderful read, and her photos are great fun too. She's nominated two others for the award, Mrs. Annie of More Than Just a Mom and This Mom Can Cook, as well as our own Karen at Outpost Mavarin. All of them are well worth a look.

Kiva, thanks so much for the award!

It looks like a lot of the blogs I read have already been tapped for this, so my picks range a bit further afield than usual:

1. Glory Ho. I've recommended this one before, but it has to be in here. It's the journal of a young American couple traveling in the middle east, and it includes astonishing photos you'll want to see.

2. Long Drives to Nowhere, by Tammie Jean. She hasn't posted in a while, but her essays are timeless. You'll find beautiful writing and lovely photos.

3. Tips and Tricks. This one deserves way more traffic than it gets. The author, G.Kiser, is a photographer who writes thorough, in-depth explanations of photographic basics and welcomes questions. If you're a nascent shutter bug, it's a good place to hang out. (The blog is actually a sub-collection from his main blog, Photo Trek, a treasure in its own right.)

To all of you, thanks so much for sharing your time and talent.


Andrea said...

Aw shucks now I'm blushing. Thanks so much for your kudos, Maracas. I really appreciate it. . .currently in crazy Cairo where my parents plan to meet us to see the big Ps (pyramids!). Thanks so much--you have made my day. Bloglove,Andrea

Greg Kiser said...

Thank you so much for your very kind words about Tips and Tricks. Its always nice to hear positive feedback about things that I hold so close to my heart.