Saturday, April 12, 2008

SmartMoney rocks!

Great customer service is a rare and precious thing these days, and when a company gets it right they deserve a public Thank you. Kudos go to SmartMoney magazine for lightning fast resolution of a billing issue I had earlier today:

5:25 PM Email I sent to SmartMoney via their website:
I have received an invoice for $24.00 for renewal under Continuous Service, which I do not recall authorizing. Most offers for SmartMoney are $12.00 per year. If I can renew for $12.00, please send a bill for that amount. If the cost is $24.00, please cancel my subscription.

5:37 PM (Twelve minute later on a Saturday evening!)Here's their reply:
Thank you for contacting Smart Money Magazine.

Your request to discontinue automatic renewal has been made. You will begin receiving renewal notices requiring you to return the document in order to renew your subscription.

We will be happy to honor your request for the price of $12.00 for 12 issues.You will receive an invoice for this amount.

Thank you for being a loyal customer and we welcome future opportunities to assist you.

Thank you,
Smart Money Magazine

I have always enjoyed SmartMoney for its timely, useful, plain-English articles and for its well-crafted and educational website. Now I have another reason to love 'em. If you're interested in growing your money, I highly recommend you become a subscriber too.

Visit the website:
Subscribe to the magazine for $12:00: SmartMoney at Amazon

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Carly said...

How cool... a website that actually lives up to it's name!