Friday, August 28, 2009

The Cat on the Mat

The life of a cat
Contented and fat
A fur bearing beanbag
Adorning a doormat

No errands to do
No worrying, too
Surrounded by people
Who live to serve you

Every day spent
Doing just as you choose
Chasing computer mice
Chewing on shoes
An enjoyable dinner
Topped off by a snooze

Ah yes, I could dig it
A life as a cat
When reincarnated
I want to be that


Martha Z said...

Very well put, totally into themselves and they get away with it bucause they're soft and they purr.

Chris said...

Two amazing compositions, the pic and the poem!

MyMaracas said...

Martha - I'm soft. Do you think I could pull it off if I learned to purr?

Glad you liked them, Chris!

Rambling Woods said...

Looks like a cousin to my boys...

Sallyacious said...

No kidding.

I want to come back as a cat too. But only if I can be the cat of someone who treats their cats like I treat mine.

Daryl said...

My sister who now lives a few city blocks from me used to live in NJ in an apartment with a window and deck just like that AND she had a cat, named Maxie, who looked a lot like that ...

MyMaracas said...

Michelle, I feel certain that all orange cats are cut from the same cloth, mellow and sweet.

Sally, I'm sure life as your cat would be a heavenly existence.

Daryl, the more we get to know each other, it seems, the more coincidences we discover. Separated at birth...?

moosh said...

He looks comfy. I had a cat that looked like yours. He got to be really old and passed away. I still miss him.

Carver said...

What a great shot of your cat and I love the poem too!

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a beautiful cat and your words are so true!

Kathy said...

I want to be that, too. Great shot of a furry bean bag. ;)

storyteller at Small Reflections said...

LOL ... your cat photo is so perfect and your poem makes for a a lovely accompaniment ;--)
Hugs and blessings,