Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ExpressJet to Hell, Now Boarding at Gate 13

47 trapped on 'nightmare' flight to the Twin Cities

What, AGAIN?

Yet another airline horror story of passengers held captive on a delayed plane. Wasn't there a passengers' bill of rights thing some time ago? Whatever happened to that?

An airline takes you somewhere you didn't want to go and forces you to stay in a metal tube overnight with overflowing sewage and screaming babies and it's acceptable business practice. If, say, your crazy neighbor does it, it's kidnapping and unlawful confinement. The only difference is that the airline makes you pay for the experience.

* Updated 8-11-09
About that Passenger Bill of Rights. We still don't have one, but a bill has been introduced. To help change things, contact your congressperson and reference the Airline Passenger Bill of Rights Act of 2009.

* Library of Congress: Read the actual bill
* Washington Watch: Follow progress of H.R. 624
* Govtrack.us: Follow progress of S.213

And check out this website to see why we need it:
Coalition for an Airline Passenger's Bill of Rights

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