Monday, February 08, 2010

I'm Just Sayin'

Science Guy

Found in our local library, this guy is pretty funny at first glance. But if it's supposed to interest kids in becoming scientists, it's an Epic Fail.

And no, I didn't raise a ruckus about it with the library staff. Maybe I should have?

P.S. I mean, perpetuating the negative stereotype of the scientist as a freaky geek is less than helpful. Why not make him a wizard or a life-saving hero?


Daryl said...

Its pretty funny .. but I can see where it would be ignored by kids .. even ones who actually love to use the library... fun foto

Kiki said...

Hilarious! and interesting! ha ha!
Funny post!

Lucy Corrander said...

It's a wonderful scarecrow / sculpture (how do you describe it?). If I were a scientist, I'd be cross. But if I were me or a child, just seeing it - I'd love it and smile. (I do!)

But I'm wondering if it's really a dig at one of the friends of the library staff and nothing to do with scientists in general at all. It's so specific in its features and so un-stereotypic in choice of footwear.

I wish we had such things in our library!