Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pottermore, More, More!

Having been distracted by "real" life lately, I missed the big news June 22: JK Rowling is launching a new website in October for the Harry Potter books, Details are hazy, but it appears that it will be an online book club/community/e-sales outlet for the franchise.

Best of all, Rowling promises to share heretofore unknown facets of the world she's created, things she's been "hoarding for years". In interviews she has said that a lot of things were edited out or never put in, and that she still thinks of things to add to Harry's magical world. I for one can't wait to explore new corners of her imagination.

The first book came out when my younger son was in grade school. I read the first chapter to him at bedtime one night and couldn't stop. I carried it off and finished completely by the next morning. Impatient with the one-chapter-per-night reading ration, my son read most of the rest on his own.

My husband got hooked after the first movie, eager to know what happened next. It started him reading for pleasure for the first time in his life, a habit that has added a shared pleasure to our lives.

We have wonderful memories of when the three of us would set off for Barnes and Noble late at night, way past my son's bedtime, to join other enchanted folk waiting to receive the next volume at the stroke of midnight. Once there was even a huge full moon lighting our way.

The new site is open to everyone in October, but on July 31 the site will post a process for "a few lucky people" to get in early and help create its features. How amazing would that be? The line forms here - right behind me.


myletterstoemily said...

my 84 year old father in law who is very well read
and has an impressive library of classics ADORES
the "harry potter" books, too!

MyMaracas said...

Myletters, my mother loved the books too. It is so rare to find something that can be shared across generations like that. Thanks for stopping by - long time no see!

Rambling Woods said...

I've seen the movies and haven't read the books yet...I should...

MyMaracas said...

Rambling, yes! You should. The books are so much better than the movies. I was very disappointed in the last one, especially.

Daryl said...

I heard about this .. and I was both happy and sad .. go you!

joco deane said...

Couldn't even finish the first chapter. I have always thought it totally inane and without any literary merit.
I am still hoping to find somebody else who feels like this. Obviously there aren't many of us.:-)