Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunlight and Shadow

Friday was one of those spectacular, gold-and-blue autumn days that makes life worth living. AND it was my day off. AND I had a new monopod (my first ever) that was just begging to come out and play. So off I went into the woods around the house, hunting for shadows and shirking my housework.

The first shot is the road where I live. That's the beginning of our driveway off to the right. It was taken from the maximum height of the monopod, about six feet up. I like the perspective from up there:


The next one is in the woods between the road and the house. I'm actually standing in the shadows, looking west toward the late afternoon sun. The hazy light cast a magic spell; it felt like walking in a dream.


This last one was near sunset. It is the path behind the house that leads down into the northern woods, a much denser, darker place. By this time the sun was quite low and only touched a few spots here and there.


 I really love the monopod. It's so much easier to carry around than a tripod, and I found it steadied my shots almost as well. If you haven't tried one, I highly recommend it. I found that a polarizing filter worked wonders on the fall colors, too. ( Probably not news to any of you. I know. I'm such a newbie.)

The leaves are falling in earnest now, and they say we have storms coming tonight, so I doubt there will be another opportunity like this until next year. And really, who cares if the laundry didn't get folded, and the place is a bit dusty, and dinner was late?


Gemma Wiseman said...

Wonderful lighting and atmosphere in these photos! Beautiful colour tones and shadows! i can imagine how magical this walk must have felt!

Jeanne said...

The subtle tones of the dappled light in the second photo is quite beautiful. Shadowy and mysterious.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful images.

trav4adventures said...

Oh, how fun to take a day off and take photos! I've done that in prior years, but since I've got this darn bronchitis, I've already used up half my sick leave for this year... :-( But, I'm glad you got to enjoy your monopod!

robin. said...

exactly...all those chores can wait. what lovely fall color and shadows you have captured.

Gaelyn said...

Getting outside is so much more important than housework. Your fall colors with light and shadows are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Lovely colors!
My hubby told me similar colors are in Helsinki but here in Málaga it's still summer!

Joyful said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I just love the Fall colours and you've captured such pretty scenes.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots.
Walking in the woods in the Fall ... one of lifes greatest gifts. Makes me so nostalgic, I have not lived near the woods since I was living home.
Don't fret- I am such a newbie I have never even heard of a mono pod or the last thing you mentioned...polarized filter?

Daryl said...

lovely .. i am still hesitate to get/carry any sort of pod .. mono or tri ... tho i can see how it would be a good thing if i planned out a photo shoot ahead of time ...