Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Holy crap

Found this recently on BoingBoing. I can only hope it's a joke: Christian Domestic Discipline Store.

It seems God wants men to "discipline" their nasty, naughty wives. By spanking them. While they're wearing disturbingly juvenile, crotchless pantaloons. (I'm assuming the wives are the ones wearing the pantaloons but, given the rating this gets on the Kink-o-Meter, that may not be a given.)

According to the site's book on the subject, "It is best if the wife submits willingly, rather than being forced to obey her husband." However, there are chapters for how to handle things if she gets all uppity: Common Alternative Punishments ... Common Implements ... Spanking for Punishment ... Uncooperative Wife ... Bruising/Marks.

I'd like to add a few chapters of my own to that little gem: Surviving a Blow to the Groin ... Appeasing Wives Who Know Kung Fu ... Hiring a Divorce Attorney ... Removing a Wad of Pantaloons from Your Ass ...

Kinda gives new meaning to the term Jesus Freaks, don't you think?

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