Sunday, September 16, 2007

Froggy goodness

This post actually has nothing to do with actual frogs, so if you were expecting some sort of reptilian amusement ... sorry. This has to do with a particularly addictive time waster that I call "Kissing Frogs".

Essentially, it's Web surfing with a mind wide open; clicking quickly on scrolling links, before they hop away, just to see what they really are. You know, like in fairy tales, where a quick smooch reveals a handsome prince. Or not. (Sometimes, you just get slimy lips. It comes with the territory.)

Blogger's Dashboard is my usual pond of choice, where the names of recently updated blogs roll by at the rate of about one every one or two seconds. That's all the time you have to decide: smooch or no smooch?

Quirky titles get me every time: Where Narwhals Dance (How could you not click on that?), House of Mirth and Shameless Words. I've wandered into Horizontal Thought ... Until the Stars Turn Cold ... Steamboats Are Ruining Everything ... Possums! Prepare for Battle!, the last two from I-don't-remember-where.

And now there's a whole new set of possiblities: Blogger Play, a slideshow of the latest photos uploaded to Blogger. You can click through to the blog where the photo appears. You can go back and forward, and decide how fast the display changes, so it doesn't have the same sense of capture that the scrolling updates do. Still, you can bet I'll be in there, puckered up and ready for action.

I feel a little guilty sometimes visiting strangers' blogs, as many are so very personal. But only a little; if you make a blog public, you have to that know anyone in the world could come barging in. So. Ready or not, here I come.

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Tammie Jean said...

When I first started on blogger, I used to do the same thing - watching the updated blog scroll until a creative name caught my attention. That's where I found some of my first "friends". I haven't had time to do it lately though, and when I do have time, I usually end up playing "Leap Frog" (checking out my friends' blog rolls, and their blog rolls, and so on..._