Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy 13th

It's September 13, Fortune Cookie Day!

I love the whole thing with fortune cookies, don't you? First there's Chinese food, and you can't be unhappy with a plate full of Kung Pao and a fist full of chop sticks.

Then, just when life can't get any better, along come the fortune cookies. Your hand lingers over the plate. Which is The One for you? Down the fingers go, like fat little dowsing rods, and up they come with a mystery wrapped in a desert -- two great things in one.

Of course, I've never found exactly what I hope for inside: "You will win the lottery next week" ... "The answer to your question is Yes" ... "It's not too late to grow taller." But it could happen. I could be one cookie away from my wildest dreams coming true.

Ironically enough, September 13 is also Defy Superstition Day. I suppose we could have done that instead, and probably nothing bad would have happened. But hey, why take the chance.


Tammie Jean said...

I also like to make everyone add "with Tammie Jean" to the end of their fortunes - makes it more interesting. "Under the covers" is another one that works well, but I like to think that everything is all about me :)

Carly said...


My goodness I could sure go for some Lemon Chicken, Hot & Sour soup and of course, a fortune cookie. The meal is simply not complete without them. :) I had a fortune cookie come true once, just last year in fact. It said I would be happy in the autumn. And sure enough, I was! But the rest of the year, well, not so much. LOL. Oh well, we are just a few days away from autumn yet again. I cam hardly wait.

Always, Carly

MyMaracas said...

LOL Tammie ... my guys like to end their fortunes with "in bed." I suspect they think it's a terribly daring to do with their mother sitting right there, which is actually what makes it funny for me. ;-)

How awesome, Carly, that you had a cookie come true! And as far as I'm concerned, autumn starts September first, regardless of what the official date is. Love it.