Thursday, January 24, 2008

A blog worth linking to

Somewhere in the Middle East today, two courageous young explorers are backpacking their way through an adventure, storing up memories and photos and stories for a lifetime.

The blog is Glory-Ho by Andrea Enright and Michael Boudreaux, a chronicle of the authors' travels off the beaten paths in places where most of us would not dare ... Bulgaria, Turkey and, most recently, Syria. The tales are rich and well-told, echoing with the voices of the people. The images are so evocative that you'll feel you're traveling too, just a step behind, drinking in the air of another world, another time.

Two favorite posts of mine are the beautifully written Something to Believe In and the surprisingly complex Doors of Damascus. (I have a thing for doors, and these make me ache to open them.) I'm sure you'll find favorites of your own there. So go. See.

* I found my way into Glory-Ho via the sidebar at Just a Hippie Gypsy, another worthy blog in its own right and well worth a visit. Happy reading!


alphawoman said...

Thank you for the plug! It's been a long time since I've heard from you! The good old AOL days of yesteryear. Amd Glory-Ho is a wonderful jnl. Glad you enjoy it and are sharing it with all your readers. I'm sticking you on my bloglines to keep track and in touch. thanks again,

MyMaracas said...

Hi Mary, nice to hear from you again too! I know what you mean about AOL days ... it just ain't the same now. Still, I do hope you keep writing! You do it so well. And thanks again for sharing that link to Glory Ho.


Andrea said...

Wow, talking about making my day! Amid bombings, riots, strikes and burning tires here, (none of which, thankfully, I have been caught in) I was so honored to see you had devoted a blog to MY blog. THIS is a big part of the reason I write--in the hopes of touching people in some way. Many, many thanks. Sending light and inspiration your way and posting your blog on my roll right now. . .bloglove, Andrea

MyMaracas said...

Hello there, Andrea! Your blog does indeed touch something in me, and I'm happy to share the link.

Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll! Now, that's an honor.