Sunday, March 16, 2008

Photo Hunt: I Spy


I didn't think I had anything to post for this week's PhotoHunt topic, "I Spy". But I've just taken this photo of a great old barn, and when I uploaded it I discovered four starlings, including a pair staking out territory for a nesting hole. Can you see them?

Hints: Click here for a bigger photo. Still stuck? Click here for a zoom shot of the right neigborhood.

*Updated with a larger photo March 17, 2008.


ZJ said...

I have to admit I couldn't see it! I had to cheat and enlarge the picture *lol* Great spy you are!

Projetor said...

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Dragonstar said...

Took me ages, but I finally found all four! Well spotted!

Dragonstar said...

Back again to say I've posted my Treasure Jest this evening!