Sunday, June 29, 2008

Enough, already

There was a time when you could physically capture an audience for your vacation pictures. All you had to do was to lure them in with the promise of free food.

You'd fire up the stove and dole out some soggy casserole and booze. Then, you'd herd your groggy victims to the sofa, and BAM. You had 'em. Once they were down, you'd spring your trap: You'd reveal your cleverly concealed projector and proceed to fleece a few hours off their lives. To quote Mr. Filch, God I miss the screamin'.

You, my friends, are a craftier lot. Or perhaps you have simply noted the absence of free food. In any case, I suspect I will only get in one good shot per post before you make good your escape. The remainder will reside on Flickr, to entertain the masochists among you.


Ha. Sneaked one in on ya. Hey, you sat on the sofa...

That's my younger son, and yes, he did jump off that thing. In fact, all the guys did. They did snorkle the base first to be sure there was nothing down there to hit. Still, it gave me a whole new set of gray hairs.


the teach said...

Wow! marvelous shot! :)

Kiva said...

You didn't raise a dummy! Good for him that he snorkled first and jumped later.