Friday, June 27, 2008

Mist and Mystery


Letters From the Lake, Day Two: The Greenman Door

Beautiful as it is, the light here is strange, mysterious and given to fading unexpectedly into shadow. As darkness wraps itself like a sleepy cat around our cabin, the wind whispers of secrets and legends. Earlier, I could have sworn I caught a glimpse of something that looked like a little door in the side of a hill. Could that be? Tomorrow, I will climb up there and see what there is to see...

The woods around Indian Lake are thick and deep, and many are the tales of the secrets they hold. Some say there was once a black ops government installation here, where children were test subjects in psychic warfare experiments. Some say that on moonless nights you can hear the ghost of an Indian guide calling for his wife who was lost in the lake. Some swear that Bigfoot walks these hills. Once you're here, the stories don't seem so far fetched. In fact, a mere doorway into the hill seems downright plausible.

Setting out in dappled morning light, I retrace our route into camp armed with my camera and ready for adventure. Not far up the steep hill I spot my quarry, a low, dark entryway overgrown by trees and green with moss. Decades of fallen leaves form a springy cushion underfoot, and make the climb slippery. The saplings make great handholds, though, so the way up is fairly easy.

The opening seems to swallow light. Even this close, it is hard to see within. For a moment, I feel a frisson of apprehension, and I hesitate to get closer.

Smiling at my own silliness, but moving as quietly as possible, I take the final steps. Whatever this is, it was built to last. The structure is cinder brick, and the way in is flanked by high stone walls.

I peer into the inky black -- and am shocked to find a pale, old face peering back from the darkness.

The face belongs to a beautifully carved Greenman, guardian of the passageway within. I think to myself that this must be how Alice felt when she stumbled into Wonderland.

Now, here's where I face a dilemma. I could tell you what lies beyond the door. On the other hand, it might be a greater gift to leave it to your imagination.

Which do you choose?

Conversations for the Campfire

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Karen Funk Blocher said...

Wonderful! I want to know more! How come I never saw anything that cool on my family's vacations to Old Forge and other Adirondack destinations?

Molly said...

Great pictures, great mystery, I can't wait to see your "weeds."

Carly said...

Hi Vicki :)

Oh my, I am going to ponder what's behind the door for a little while, but I would love an email later in the week with the real answer. Would that be possible?

Always, Carly

PS That photo of the door is PERFECT! WELL DONE!

MyMaracas said...

Some of you have expressed, here and in email, a desire to see behind the door. I am still undecided what to do about that. I'm still quite taken with the thing, and may even expand it into a bloglet of its own.

Meanwhile, I'm going to move any comments to here, so I can contact those of you who care about it. Thanks so much for your interest!

JC said... I'm sorry I missed your return... the Greenman Door is so very cool and your writing of it is excellent... Alice, indeed!

I'm glad to leave it to my imagination of what lies beyond but will keep an eye out for the revelation, if it's to come, at a later time ;-)