Saturday, July 19, 2008

Project Black: Travel in Style

The wealthy of America's gilded age kept elaborate camps in the Adirondacks, and many went there in shiny, black, private rail cars like this one.

The Adirondack museum has wonderful displays, but they are not camera friendly. Everything seems to have informational posts standing in inopportune places, velvet ropes, dim lighting, and/or glass barriers. By the time you crop it all out, there's not much left.

Anyway, though it isn't black, I thought you might like to see inside the car. Click to enlarge:

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lotto said...
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Kiva said...

Another place I have to go... That is beautiful! I'm so glad you post the interior as well as the "black" photo. Gorgeous.

MyMaracas said...

Glad you liked this one, Kiva!

I actually thought of you the whole time I was in the Railroading exhibit there. I think you'd really enjoy it.