Monday, September 29, 2008

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Blog.

This little corner of cyberspace has evolved over time, changing form, function and even its address. Along the way, it has come to resemble a crowded closet; it's full of good stuff, but lacks focus and organization. Maraca has become primarily a photo blog for the weekly challenges I like to do, and a show-and-tell spot for web links I want to share. Frankly, I'm still fine with that. Nothing here will change all that much.

However, with the move to the new house imminent, I feel the need for more space, more clarity of purpose. This is change with a capital C, a seismic shift. A lot of things I love are officially ending. On the other hand, I now have this last, grand chance to reinvent myself and to create my own true home.

And so, I have begun a new blog for my new life. I'm calling it Havenwood. Why? Well, for one thing, "Woodhaven" was already taken. Secondly, this whole thing began because the hubby dreamed of having a great, big wood shop and lumber mill -- not an option in suburbia. Thirdly, I dreamed of a place with plenty of space, with a woodland that I could roam at will and protect from the chain saw. I know. It's ironic. But there it is, and there we are, and here's the link to the new place:

Havenwood url:

I hope you'll come visit me there!

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