Saturday, January 10, 2009

Round Robins: Resolutions

It's been a while since I've done a Round Robin challenge, and the new year seems like a good time to get back into the swing of things.

The assignment this time is to choose three things we'd like to photograph or techniques we'd like to learn. We were to choose one and present it this week, and offer the other two as suggestions for upcoming challenges.

One thing I'd like to learn to do is panning, or following a moving object with the camera so that it stays in focus while the background blurs, giving a sense of motion. I tried it while my son flew his model airplane this fall, without much success. This shot might not have been bad if I had had more of the ground in the frame. Let's call this challenge "Greased Lightning!"

And here are my other two:

The Color Purple. You don't see it much, and it's hard to capture in a photo. You'll have to look around to find it, and you'll have to get your settings right. But it is the color of royalty and magic, so the possibilities could be worth the hunt.

Door Number Three. I love doors of all sorts: old ones, new ones, hidden ones, forgotten ones. How about doing a set of three, each with its own personality and story?

As always, there's more to see over at Round Robins: Camera Resolutions.


Carly said...

Hi Vicki :)

That picture of the plane is just wonderful. I like that idea a lot. I am hoping to do more with my photography this year, and motion is something I have been wanting to work on. Well done!

Always, Carly

Terri said...

Great suggestions! I also chose movement photos as one of mine.

Happy new year!

Monica said...

Movement is a great suggestion as are the others.

The photo isn't bad! Especially when you consider the challenge involved.

Nicely done.


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Interesting ideas, and great job on the little plane. I'm pretty sure I could never pull off something like that with my current camera, but it would be interesting to try. I like the purple idea a lot, too. We dod Mysterious Doors way back at the beginning of the RRPC, but not "Door #3" so that could be a good one, too!

Nancy said...

Cool ideas indeed!

I hope some of yours are chosen.

Nice plane shot....those are never easy.


Suzanne R said...

Greased lightning would challenge my camera, too, but might be fun to try -- I might surprise myself!

I like the plane shot. Also your other ideas. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

love all your 3 ideas!!!!

Steven said...

Cool! Panning is rough but I don't often try it. Nice plane!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great ideas! Yor photo is very good! :)

Gattina said...

Nice ideas ! Doors had been done already or maybe it was in another photo group.