Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dick and Jane don't live here anymore

Back-to-school shopping ain't what it used to be.

Bulletproof bookbags have joined new shoes, crayons, and gummy pink erasers on the list of must-have items.

Per MJ Safety Solutions, maker of the bags: "Now you can provide on the spot protection against guns and knife violence ... provide Level II ballistic protection, as found in most police body armor, at almost 1/10 the weight." Their online checkout is having a hard time handling the demand, even at $175 a pop.

Has it really come to this?

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Carly said...

Hi Vicki :)

Amazing isn't it? And very sad too. Gosh, it doesn't seem like all that long ago, I was one of those kids out buying school supplies, and the biggest thing I had to worry about, was getting the right calculator. Sheesh the times are so different now, things are much harsher then when I was a youngin'. I admire anyone brave enough to raise kids post 9/11.