Sunday, August 12, 2007

Through a glass weirdly

BoingBoing this week ran a fun little item featuring the Droste photography of Pisco Bandito over at Flickr, along with a link to his tutorial there on how to make a few mind-bending images of your own. Pretty cool, huh?

Everyone over the age of five has played around with two mirrors, of course, but this ramps things up considerably.

The first time I encountered a serious Droste effect was at the Mormon church visitor center in Washington DC. We really wanted to see the church, which is fabulously huge and lighted up at night, visible for miles. Nonmembers couldn't get near it, though, so we settled for the public speil. The only thing I remember about it is the end: The audience was seated in a long, narrow room, with a presenter in front. For the big finish, they revealed two entire walls of mirrors, front and back, giving the illusion that we all went on to infinity, into the past and the future. It was a simple trick, but it was also spectacularly effective.

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Tammie Jean said...

This is so cool! I'll have to check out that tutorial...