Monday, November 19, 2007


Here's something sneaky to check out before the family pulls out the board games this holiday season: How to Win at Monopoly.

I ran into it over at the blog Look at This. It's a strategy guide based on probability studies, for people who really, really need to win.

In my experience, whoever gets Boardwalk and Park Place has the game in the bag. Period.

When I was a kid, Monopoly was one of those things that always seemed like a good idea at the beginning. I think it was the cute little playing pieces. We had a really old set with metal markers. There was a car, a top hat, a shoe ... and all those tiny little houses were fun, too. We'd roll the dice and set off from GO with all the optimism of a Donald Trump. Once somebody grabbed the good properties, though, it devolved into hours and hours of increasing hostility, ending in hard feelings and vows to never play with this thing again.

Eventually we'd run across the box in the bottom of the closet, by which time we'd have forgotten how awful it was the last time, and there we'd be once more: Some of us gloating, and some of us glaring at gloaters.

Maybe it's the money that makes it mean. Nobody ever got so worked up over Mousetrap.


Tammie Jean said...

I remember the whole family playing Monopoly on the livingroom floor. And it was fun at first because I was the dog and my brother was the car and we had money. But eventually my father would win all the money and we'd go to bed in tears lol!

MyMaracas said...

Yes! You too, huh? It's a wierd game that way. Once somebody starts to win, there's no stopping them. There's nothing left to do but sit there and bleed to death.

Invented by Satan. I'm sure of it.

Carly said...


In our house, Alan is the Monopoly Master. He is so tough, that we actually have friends who avoid playing the game with him. Tee Hee. I don't take it as serious, lol, but I think I have become a better player since playing Monopoly with him. I love the fact that he doesn't just let me win, he makes me work for the win. :)

MyMaracas said...

Hi Carly,

The two of you must have a very strong relationship to survive repeated bouts of Monopoly. Hats off you ya, darlin'.


Tammie Jean said...

"There's nothing left to do but sit there and bleed to death."