Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

New snow began falling last evening just before midnight, and it's been coming down ever since. How perfect is that? And to top it off, there were fireworks lighting the sky and reflecting off the flakes as they fell. It's an amazing sight, fireworks in the snow. I had never seen that before. There's a new development a few blocks away that has been colonized by card-carrying pyromaniacs, bless their fizzy little hearts, and they put on quite a show. (Note to self: Must meet these people.)

In keeping with my one resolution, to live now, I've been working on a list of things I've been meaning to do, thought about doing in passing, and/or would love to be able to say that I had already done. It's a brainstorming list, just a beginning. There were going to be an even hundred, but I got stuck in the kitchen again. Even now, I'm being summoned back downstairs to get dinner on the table. I expect to add to it, but in the spirit of the project I wanted to get it up NOW. So how about you? Do you have a list?

In no particular order:

1. Clean out the clutter
2. Get new eyeglasses
3. Learn to speak Spanish
4. Get serious about writing
5. Learn tai chi
6. Organize and simplify my investments
7. Make a will
8. Buy a new camera
9. Start exercising
10. Read a book a week from the pile I already have
11. Comment more often on blogs I read
12. Decide what I want to be when I grow up, and
13. Get started on whatever that is ASAP
14. Redecorate the house
15. Reconnect with nature
16. Call and write family more often
17. Get a freaking lock for my office door
18. Try one new recipe every month
19. Learn to speak Italian
20. Take a real vacation to somewhere I actually want to go
21. Try something artistic that I've never done before
22. Resurrect my old pottery wheel and kiln
23. Decide whether to move to the country
24. Get a wardrobe
25. Learn to make paper
26. Study the physics of light and time
27. Learn herbal medicine
28. Grow herbal medicines
29. Plant a garden
30. Plant new oak trees
31. Learn to use the new camera
32. Learn Photoshop
33. Become proficient at Excel and Word
34. Make peace with my job or get a new one
35. Rent a kayak
36. If I decide I like it, buy the kayak
37. Get a Siamese fighting fish
38. Try geocaching
39. Sell something on eBay
40. Wear more jewelry
41. Collect more natural stone jewelry
42. Let go of something every day


Kathy said...

You can accomplish # 42 by taking # 37 off your list! Smelly! And require cleaning at least weekly. Just buried our fourth ...
I don't have a list as yet, but I'm thinking it might be helpful for focus. Happy New Year!


MyMaracas said...

LOL Kathy! I thought those fish were supposed to be care-free? I always seem them in small containers with no fancy equipment. Thanks for the heads up.