Monday, December 31, 2007

For auld lang syne

Well, here it is. Another New Year's Eve. Another handful of living sand has sifted down through the hourglass, its motion ended, its promise spent. And what is there left to say about it that hasn't been said before, over and over, on every New Year's Eve?

It's a strange night, really. We draw an imaginary line in time itself, and we say to each other, This side is the past, the province of sweet memory and bitter regret. And this side is the shining future, where we can transform our lives, where anything is possible. In truth, we live all the moments of our lives on that razor-thin line between what has been and what could be.

It is so easy to lose sight of the present. Our active hours are spent planning, always planning; how will we live in retirement, what will I need from the grocery store tomorrow, what will I do with my life someday. Our quiet hours are spent dreaming up more things to plan about, or in mourning things that are no more. Somehow, we are never still. How different might life be, if that were possible?

I'm not much for resolutions anymore, but I think I will make just this one for 2008: Live now.

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