Friday, September 23, 2011

SkyWatch: Pteradactyls Over Michigan

Sunset With Pteradactyl

This rusty-metal sculpture is part of a larger collection done by a local high school shop class in the Saint Joseph, Michigan area. There's a hand wheel at the base that you can use to rotate it.

Wish we'd had projects this cool when we were in school.

Posted for SkyWatch Friday.


TorAa said...

I just can't believe it.
Because we are living in Norway and was in St Joe in July this year and we did see the same piece of art.

On top of that:
We have rented a house in Stevensville for July 2012.

May be we see you around?

Tor and Anna
Oslo, Norway

TorAa said...

PS. Before i forget it:

July 4, 2011, Saint Joseph. Mi, Sunset

Al said...

I love it! We never had projects like that when I was in school either.

Daryl said...

I love it .. at first glance I thought 'what an awesome weathervane'

Anonymous said...

What a nice shot of tones and light.

Johnny Nutcase said...

very cool shot, great sky! cool sculpture, too!

Anonymous said...

What a great shot! So unusual.

Rambling Woods said...

love this and the one below...