Friday, April 26, 2013





I try to use the photo memes I do as inspiration to teach myself something. Currently, I've decided to work on compositional focus in black and white. In this set, the first crop is about the barn, the second crop is about the sky, and the third is about the fence. Which do you like best?

Posted for Fridays Fences and Skywatch Friday.


Genie Robinson said...

You did a fabulous job with all three, but my favorite has to be the first one with the emphasis on the barn. Beautifully composed shots and especially nice in black and white. Kudos to you. genie

Light and Voices said...

First photograph is my favorite.
JM Illinois

Laloofah said...

These look like Andrew Wyeth paintings!

I had a really hard time choosing a favorite between #1 and #3. The symmetry-and-balance lover in me prefers the composition in #1, plus that barn is great and deserves to be the center of attention! Great sky, too. But there's something about #3 that really appeals to me that I can't put my finger on. Maybe it's the fact we can now see that the very photogenic fence is just a little segment (which I think adds charm), or the fact that you can see more trees. But I love them both (love all three, actually!)

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

those clouds are amazing!! great shots. love the B & W. ( :
my fav is the 1st one.

Wendy said...

Beautiful photos!

Daryl said...

these are simply FABULOUS!