Thursday, June 28, 2007

Introducing: Hazy Holidays

As far as I'm concerned, there can never be too many reasons to celebrate. We get what, maybe fifteen official holidays in the year? Not good enough! Not by a long shot. We need more, people. Many more.

In an ongoing quest for the best of the rest, I have prowled the Web for years, unearthing such worthy treasures as Donald Duck Day and Sneak Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day. Which is is how I came to stumble upon

The fanciful folks at Wellcat sit around making up brand new holidays (and copyrighting them, so none will be used here). So I says to myself, "Self, we can do that. Let's have a go at it, whatta ya say?"

Herewith, in the next post up, the first ever Hazy Holiday:

Smash An Annoying Electronic Device Day

*Hazy Holidays copyright 2007, property of Maraca.

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